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Hi, I am user meta:user:Walter. I respectfully request this community to consider my following request; I write a newsletter about what is going on in the Wikimedia projects in all languages. It is my hope that every community, like this one, has some people who read Wikizine. Then I can maybe receive some news from those readers about your project and in the other direction the can inform there community in your own language about the Wikimedia news possibly. I would like to ask this community to include on your local "Village pump" page, community portal or other relevant page a small banner for Wikizine.

I could find your local village pump. This is the reason I have posted this here.

If a banner is placed on the correct page the change that someone here will think about Wikizine and report some local news will increase highly I suspect. Or that people will take a look and read the Wikimedia news. And maybe even share it locally. Here are the banners; meta:Wikizine/banners

My apologies that this is in English and the Wikizine is also in English. But there is not other way to do this. If there are questions please ask it here. I will be watching this page for at least two weeks from now on frequently. Greetings, --Walter 14:42, 1. kolovoza 2006. (UTC)

Hello Walter!
Unlike (or at least a bit different) to other languages Croatian Wikiquote is newest (and smallest) part of Croatian wikicommunity which comprises of wikipedia, wikisource and now wikiquote (there are other wikiprojects in croatian too, but they are practically dead).
So if you intend to get attention to wikizine, please put your notice to w:Wikipedija:Kafić (this is our Village pump, and messages in english are ok. Regards! SpeedyGonsales 08:09, 3. kolovoza 2006. (UTC)
Thanks for the responds. I am working myself slowly true all projects, all languages. So I will ask this also now Wikipedia. I ask this also in the very small projects. I try to make wikizine for all wikis, not only the large. ones. I don want the small ones to be left out. --Walter 14:42, 5. kolovoza 2006. (UTC)